Berg Greenhouse Equipment


Bale Breaker

The bale breaker was designed by Ben Berg with the help of a greenhouse owner with you in mind.It will take 6 cu. ft. bales and break them down to their original state, before packing and delivering to a flat filler, pot filler, or whatever you desire!

Equipped with wetting nozzles

2-HP electric motor standard; 3-HP available



Adjustable auger height (2ft – 6ft)



Large capacity bale breakers available



Includes an adjustable table to hold bales for easy opening

Flat Filler

The Flat Filler’s pneumatic wheels, extendable handles and light weight allow for one person to roll from one location to another with ease. Its simple design allows for minimal maintenance and long service life.

Fully self contained

Compact enough to fit through a standard doorway (75″ H x 73″ L x 31″ W)



Adjustable filling area – will fill containers up to 15″ in height & 18″ in width



1/2-HP & 1-HP motors available



Equipped with wetting nozzles

Additional Equipment


Soil Mixers