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Keep your Kubota running like a Kubota.

We always have great deals on Kubota parts in Wainfleet, Ontario. Check out Ben Berg Farm & Industrial Equipment Parts Specials frequently for our seasonal parts updates and the latest information on how to keep your Kubota running like a Kubota.

Is it time to replace your battery?

Kubota Tractor batteries are designed to keep your equipment running at peak performance and are backed by a no-hassle warranty. Ask us for details.

When it’s time to replace your oil, choose Kubota.

Genuine Kubota oil is specifically designed for KUBOTA industrial engines to maximize the life of your engine by lubricating, cooling, and cleaning all at once.

Why choose Kubota oil?

  • Excellent heat resistance and stability
  • Outstanding cleansing and dispersion properties
  • Excellent abrasion resistance

Change your oil with Genuine Kubota oil today. Book an appointment or Ask us for details


Rust Breaker Penetrating Fluid

  • Unique, specialized product that works by using freezing / micro-cracking action on the affected areas or surfaces
  • Its freezing effect causes surface rust to crack and break away, which then allows the penetrating oils to reach deeper into the affected areas

Foaming Penetrating Spray

  •  Heavy-duty lubricant and penetrant which uses a unique formulation that will penetrate rust, lubricate surfaces and parts that are tight and binding, and repel moisture from surfaces
  • The foamy nature of the product assists in the product’s ability to stick to the surfaces it is sprayed on

Heavy Duty Brake Cleaner

  • Our highest quality Brake Cleaner and the only formulation approved  and used by most global OEM vehicle manufacturers
  • Provides quick and effective cleaning and drying to free brake parts from brake dust, grime and brake fluid build-up to enable the brakes to  function properly without any mechanical hindrance.

Premium UDT Hydraulic/ Transmission Fluid

  • Kubota approved fluid incorporating the latest additive technologies
  • Premium quality for tractor transmission and hydraulic/wet brakes
  •  Provides high resistance to temperature breakdown, excellent seal  compatibility, and anti-wear protection
  • Winter grade

Heavy Duty AM/FM/WB Radio

  • 160 watt max output (40W x 4)
  • Seven-channel NOAA weatherband tuner
  • Segmented, high-visibility LCD display with clock
  • Two-wire hook-up prevents battery drain when vehicle is off
  •  *Fits all cabbed *M and *L units, RTV 1100’s (RTV-1100, 1100C, X1100C), Wheel Loaders (R630NT3, R630R43 1) and B Series (B2650HSDC, B3350HSDC) CAB models only

Looking for some Kubota themed gift for a special occasion?

From collectibles to pedal tractors, Kubota Original Toys are perfect for the Kubota enthusiast of any age. Order yours today.

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